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Inflammatory Breast Cancer Signs and Symptoms:
One or more of the following are typical signs and symptoms of Inflammatory Breast Cancer (also known as Inflammatory Breast Carcinoma or Inflammatory Carcinoma of the Breast). Most patients do not experience all of the signs and symptoms, and it is not necessary to exhibit all of them in order to be diagnosed with IBC:
* Increase in breast size over a relatively short period of time (sometimes a cup size in a few days)

* Pruritus (itching) that is unrelenting and unrelieved by oral drugs or topical agents

* Erythema (pink, red, or dark-colored areas) sometimes with peau d'orange (texture similar to the skin of an orange)

* Ridges and thickened areas of the skin

* What appears to be a bruise that does not go away

* Nipple flattening or retraction

* Nipple discharge

* Breast is excessively warm to the touch

* Breast is harder or firmer than usual

* Breast pain which is not cyclic in nature (may be constant or stabbing)

* Change in color and/or texture of the areola (pigmented area surrounding the nipple)

* Swollen lymph nodes in the axillary area (underarm) or the supraclavicular area (above the collarbone)

* Although a dominant mass is present in many cases, most inflammatory cancers present as diffuse infiltration of the breast without a well-defined tumor.

* Rarer cases have been reported in which the first sign was lymphedema (swelling) of the arm

* Another rare case was reported in which the breast decreased rather than increased in size, but this is very unusual.

These signs and symptoms may be present in benign (non-cancerous) breast disorders so do not immediately become alarmed if you exhibit any of these signs and symptoms, but do consult your medical professional to ensure quick and proper diagnosis.

You now know more about the signs, symptoms and seriousness of Inflammatory Breast Cancer than almost all of those you know or will meet. Spread the word and help to save lives; and remember, You don't have to have a lump to have breast cancer. Mammograms and Ultrasounds are not enough.

Thank you; and hopefully, because you have become more educated about IBC...lives WILL be saved.

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